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Prognostics: The Science of Making Predictions

Authors: K. Goebel, M. Daigle, A. Saxena, S. Sankararaman, I. Roychoudhury, and J. Celaya Paperback: 396 pages
ISBN-10: 1539074838
ISBN-13: 978-1539074830
Published: April, 2017

Abstract: Prognostics is the science of making predictions of engineering systems. It is part of a suite of techniques that determine whether a system is behaving within nominal operational bounds and – if it does not – that determine what is wrong and how long it will take until the system no longer fulfills certain functional requirements. This book presents the latest developments and research findings on the topic of prognostics by the Prognostics Center of Excellence at NASA Ames Research Center. The book is intended to provide a practitioner with an understanding of the foundational concepts as well as practical tools to perform prognostics and health management on different types of engineering systems and in particular to predict remaining useful life.

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